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Keep Your Precious Memories Safe and Sound with an Online Account at Southampton Photo

If only printing your digital photographs were as easy as taking them. With digital cameras so cheap and easy to use, it has never been simpler for amateur photographers to get those great shots of the kids and grandkids, those special events in life and their proudest achievements. But once those memories are recorded on the digital camera memory card, CD or other media, actually getting hard copy prints can be quite a challenge.

There are of course a number of ways to go from digital image to touchable print, but all of those methods have their drawbacks. Printing your pictures at home might be convenient, but it certainly is not cheap. Even though the cost of digital photo printers has come down quite a bit, the price of the replacement ink has not followed suit. Many photographers are shocked at just how costly those home printed shots can be.

You can haul your digital camera, your memory card and your CD to the photo store every time you take a great shot, but that can get cumbersome and time consuming after awhile. And if you wait until you have lots of pictures to print, you could end up losing all your precious memories if something happens to the memory card, or if you lose your digital camera and all the pictures it contains. Memory cards fail all the time, so this is a very real possibility.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect your precious memories and save your prints without running to the photo shop every day. When you sign up for a free online account at Southampton Photo you can enjoy all of the convenience of a mail order photo lab, without compromising the home town service and commitment to quality you have come to expect.

Art Prints and Posters

We have finished the new “Artist Prints and Posters" section of the website. Now artists will be able to sell their art prints and posters though the Hampton Photo Arts website. We are very excited to be announcing this news because it shows the direction of our business and our dedication to our customers and community. Hampton Photo Arts now offers a complete “end to end” artists’ service. Scanning, Printing, Framing, Showcasing and Selling Art. We are here for you and we will continue to give you more. Better prices, faster turnaround, excellent quality, customer service and now more “outlets” for artists and photographers to sell their artwork. Special thanks to Joe Chierchio and L. Marie Jones for being the first artists to use our new service. Upcoming artists will be Peter Waldner, Claudia Patino, Joyce Brian and Grant Haffner. Art prints are available now.

Ordering, sharing, and even selling your photographs online is just a step away at Hampton Photo Arts. We offer two types of accounts:Standard and Photographer. Both are available after completing a short online registration form.

If you want to upload your digital photographs to us so that you can order prints to be delivered to your home or share them online with your friends and family then all you need to do is sign up for our Standard account. This free account starts off with 250 megabytes of storage for your photos. Once you've created your account there is no need to deliver your memory cards to our store, you can simply upload the images from them to your account on our server and we'll take it from there.

Preserving Photographs

Photographs are vulnerable to damage. Here are some things you can do to ensure they last for the longest possible time.

Handling photographs
Handle photographs by their edges to avoid leaving fingerprints. Oils and salts in our fingertips leave permanent marks on photos and contribute to fading of the image.

Do not try to repair photographs that are torn or in pieces. Materials such as sticky tape and masking tape cause fading and staining. Keep the photograph in a folder or sleeve by itself.

Storing photographs
Light, heat, water, pollution, and insects can damage photographs. Keep photographs somewhere they will not constantly be moved or disturbed.

The best place to store your photographs is somewhere clean, cool, dark, dry and well ventilated.

Avoid storing photographs in the following places:

garages or sheds: they are often damp, have insects and can get very hot in summer
on the floor: this will put photographs at risk of water damage if there is a flood
hot water cupboards: the combination of heat and moisture causes mould.
Storage materials for photographs
Storage materials for photographs include boxes, folders, albums and sleeves. They can be made out of paper or plastic. Use conservation-quality materials to store photographs if possible.

Avoid laminating unique or valuable photographs. Once photographs have been sealed in the plastic they cannot be removed. Over time the material used to laminate the photographs can damage them.

Photograph albums
Good photograph albums provide excellent protection for photographs. Poor ones can cause damage.

Choose a photograph album where the photographs can be easily removed, for example albums with plastic sleeves or with corners for the photos to be placed in.

Do not use magnetic albums (albums that have sticky cardboard pages and plastic covers that cling to the photos). Adhesive on the pages will damage the photographs. It can also be difficult to remove the photographs once they are stuck to the pages.

If your photographs are already in an album, it is best to leave them this way. Removing the photographs may cause more damage. The original sequence of the photographs may also be lost.

Hamptons Passport Photos
Are you applying for a new or replacement passport or visa? You will need two copies of a high quality photograph to go with your application. While it is certainly possible to take and print these photos on your own, the requirements imposed by the State Department are quite strict. So why not come to a professional who is familiar with the new government passport regulations and make sure your photographs are perfect the first time?

If you live in or near The Hamptons, stop by Hampton Photo, Art and Framing, in Bridgehampton. In addition to our other high quality digital printing services, we can quickly provide excellent passport and visa photos which will be accepted by the State Department.

The requirements you will need to meet are simple. Come in normal street attire. The only uniforms allowed are those which are worn daily for religious purposes. Hats or other hair covering items are not permitted in the photograph. You should wear your prescription glasses if you use them normally, but dark glasses cannot be used unless they are required to be worn regularly for medical reasons. If this is the case you will probably need to submit medical certification with your passport application to document your need.

Those are the only requirements you will need to concern yourself with. Hampton Photo, Art and Framing in Bridgehampton, New York will take care of everything else to ensure that your passport or visa photos are perfect.

Using Light to Take Great Photos

Have you ever wondered why a professional photographer’s pictures look better than your snapshots? Sure they’ve got the fancy cameras and the great software, but what about the nuts and bolts of shooting a great picture? Do they know something you don’t?

The answer is yes. They know about lighting.

Lighting can be the key to what ends up being a great photo, or it can be what ruined a potentially great photo. 
Professional photographers spend a lot of time studying and learning about light but they’ll be the first to tell you how simple good lighting really is. Good lighting is simply light from a large light source from somewhere other than the camera.

That’s why you see photographers using those big umbrella lights in their studios. A photographer wants lots of light from lots of sources and not only directly in front of the subject.
A larger light source is a softer, flattering light source. Good light can make adults look younger and children look happier. Good light can make your whole photograph stand out.

You can’t get that kind of light from a typical digital camera. Most pocket sized point-and-shoot style cameras have a very small flash. It’s also attached to the camera and creates what the professionals call cave dweller lighting. The pictures look as though they were taken in a cave with a flashlight taped to your head.
So what’s the answer for someone that doesn’t have fancy lighting equipment?

Here are some suggestions. Put your subject near a window or open door. Get outside and if there is sun put it behind your subject. We’ve all been taught this is wrong but it’s wonderful light because the sun creates secondary back lighting. If you have a shaded area put your subject right on the edge of the shade so that the bright part of the sky lights them without the harsh effects of the sun. The sun’s refection off of a building can also add some incredible light.

One of the great aspects of using digital cameras is that you can try lots of things and take lots of pictures without having to worry about wasting film. Try different lighting sources and try using natural light in different ways.

Photograph literally means write with light. Light is the main element the professionals use to create quality pictures.

Hampton Photo, Arts and Framing: Services

Whether you’re just starting out in photography or you’re a seasoned pro, Hampton Photo, Arts and Framing in Bridgehampton, NY has everything you need to make your work a success. We offer digital cameras & accessories, camera repair, photo paper and much more. Prefer film photography? We supply that too! Read on to find out more about Hampton Photo Arts and what we can do for you.

Digital Cameras & Accessories

Hampton Photo Arts supplies digital cameras as versatile as our photographers. Our selection ranges from simple point-and-shoot to high-end technology. If you need a camera bag, batteries, a tripod or an extra memory card, we’ve got that too.

Camera Repair

Hampton Photo Arts has teamed up with Pix Camera Repair to offer a digital and film camera repair service. We offer the lowest camera repair estimate fee on Long Island! All camera and lens repair estimates are just $15.00.

Color and Black & White Film

For those who prefer a more traditional approach to photography, Hampton Photo Arts supplies both color and black & white film in 35mm and 120. We carry Kodak, Fuji and Ilford. We also carry disposable cameras and advantix film (APS). For those photographers who prefer to develop their own film, we stock darkroom chemicals and photo papers as well.

Inkjet Photo Paper

No matter your preference, Hampton Photo Arts is sure to carry the inkjet photo paper you need. We provide everything from simple matte & glossy paper to high-end watercolor, pastel, velin and HDR (high dynamic range) pearl.


To print or enlarge your digital art, we provide scanning. Bring digital media in to us on a CD, DVD or USB drive and we’ll make a high-resolution scan. If you intend to create larger prints of any images, it is best to scan them at the highest resolution to preserve the integrity of the image. Most people find that a resolution of 2000 dpi (dots per inch) meets their needs. However, cropping an image reduces how much it can be enlarged so a higher resolution of 3000 to 4000 dpi is best for photos you plan to crop.

Pre-Cut Mats

Hampton Photo Arts offers pre-cut mats for photography display. Our standard, double and windowless mats come in an array of colors to suit individual needs.

Mats & Matboard

Our 32 x 40 matboard comes in 24 colors to suit any particular project. Our 40 x 60 matboard comes in 2 colors.

Fine Art (Giclee) Printing

If you’re looking to avoid the expense of mass-producing photography, we provide fine art printing called giclee (pronounced zhee-clay). It is a process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing.

Sell Your Photos Online

Here at Hampton Photo Arts we offer this unique service to our photographers. We supply you with the storefront (photo gallery) to add landscapes, portraits, events, etc. to sell. Customers can view the photos and pick the ones they want to have printed. We take the orders, print the photos and ship them directly to your customers. Then, we send you a check for the money. This service is ideal for event or model photographers whose customers tend to order a lot of prints. Giving your photos that ‘extra touch’ not provided by traditional printing kiosks will keep customers coming back to quality.

Digital Recovery & Rescue

If you’ve accidentally deleted photographs or some files have become corrupt, Hampton Photo Arts can recover lost items from most all camera manufacturers. Simply bring in the memory card and fill out the digital recovery form and we’ll get started.

Additional Services

Hampton Photo Arts offers a wide variety of photo albums and photo frames. We provide enlargements and posters as well as a CD & DVD duplication service. If you’re looking to turn photos into unique gifts, we can turn those favorite creations into jigsaw puzzles, T-shirts, mouse pads and more! On the road? Get your film developed by mail. We process all 35mm, APS, black & white and 120/220 film and mail them to your home via First Class mail. Prints are available in glossy or matte finish, and with or without white borders. Photo CDs are available upon request.

Hampton Photo, Arts and Framing in Bridgehampton, NY ensures quality & expertise in our work and we guarantee the very best for our photographers and graphic artists.

Stop by the Bridgehampton Commons or give us a call at 631-537-7373. We are open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm and 10am to 3pm on Sundays.

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